March 14 is Steak and BJ Day!!!

This site is dedicated to all of those guys out there who suffered through all the flowers, the chocolates and the cards we are all required to give our ladies happy on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day isn't for us! Men don't want flowers! Men don't want cards! All men want is a nice steak and a bit of sucky sucky. So, I am starting a petition to get us a bit of well earned gratification for all of the hoops we jump through for Valentine's Day.

March 14 is to officially become Steak and BJ Day for any couple who has had to celebrate February 14 for her.


  1. Once he comes home from dinner you will be waiting on the couch for him with a beer.
  2. The TV will be tuned to a movie with gore and violence or a sporting event.
  3. There will be no talk about how each others day was.
  4. A BJ will be given (important: he is not required to reciprocate!)
  5. You will swallow.
  6. You will immediately begin cooking a nice thick steak.
  7. You will bring him the steak and along with a fresh beer.
  8. You will leave the room so he can continue to watch TV and eat in peace.
  9. You will clear the dishes and then give a bit more sucky.
  10. You will not complain about Steak and BJ day as youremembers how nice he was for Valentine's Day!


If you agree that March 14 should become Steak and BJ Day as an official holliday, please add to the petition by leaving a comment!!